Build likability. Build trust. Build word of mouth. All for the long term.

Content marketing is the way of the online marketing future – appealing to both website visitors and the search engines through the publication and distribution of high-value web content.  But content marketing isn’t as simple as writing up a few blog posts and linking to them from your social profiles.  Take it from the pros – true content marketing requires much more to be successful!

At WebRev our content marketing campaigns focus on three distinct phases of content production and promotion:

  • Traffic Generation – Our initial priority for new content marketing clients is to attract as many visitors as we can using infographics, blog posts and other content types.  This gives our experienced content marketing professionals the data needed to make future content releases even more successful.
  • Audience Engagement – Working from the data generated by our initial round of content posts, we hone in on the topics that your audience responds best to.  This allows us to use future content releases to build a base of repeat visitors who will keep coming back to your site long after our campaign is complete.
  • Conversions and Profits – With an audience established, the final stage in Single Grain’s content marketing campaigns revolves around maximizing conversions amongst your new readers.  Using both the content marketing data gathered to this point and our extensive knowledge of digital marketing techniques, we’re able to transform your investment in content marketing into higher product sales and greater overall profitability.

Here’s What We Offer:

  • Detailed Site Content Analysis
  • Competitive Content Gap Research
  • Infographic Creation
  • Ghostwritten Blog Content
  • Internal Link Development
  • Social Promotion
  • Maximum Search Engine Exposure
  • Ongoing Blog Management
  • Dedicated Content Marketing Team
  • Regular Teleconference and Email Reporting


  • How long does it take to see results? Clients typically start to see results at around the 6 month mark.
  • Our business is already doing some of the things you’re proposing, are you flexible? Absolutely, all of our engagements are custom and we’ll complement your business to maximize your results.
  • What’s the point of all this ‘content marketing’? Can’t I just build links instead? Modern day SEO requires more than just building keyword rich anchor text. Think about how humans have interacted for the longest time: it’s the greatest teachers that end up rising above the rest. How can your brand be the best teacher it can be? It starts with a solid content strategy.